Nice to see you on my homepage! Are you interested in drawing and travelling? Those two are my passions and I would love sharing my experiences with you.

I’m a Master student from Switzerland (Believe it or not, I’m studying something that can’t be more different than sketching or hopping from place to place… Management! But I still love it).

In my spare time I try to learn how to draw. Depending on the day and task I’m sometimes more and sometimes less successful. But nonetheless, throwing a sketch away is ok, but not trying the same style again is (mostly) not an option.

As mentioned above, my other love is travelling. I’ve always been fascinated about other cultures and languages and maybe that’s the reason why I chose to study Management as my Masterstudies after having a Bachelor in Social Sciences. Sounds weird right? Maybe I should add that my Masterprogramm has a special focus: Culture. My decision makes more sense now, right?

Last but not least: Why Sketching Owl? The “sketching” stands for what I do and what I aim for: improving my art. The owl is my favorite animal. They are just so incredibly cute but still very graceful.

Travelling Partner : Michael

Normally I travel together with my partner, who has his own homepage: Michael’s footprints.
He’s very good in organizing visas and other – normally non-organizable – stuff. On his blog he’s talking about how to get around the world and how to choose the right material and vehicles for your travels. Visit him as well, he’s happy to see any new face on his homepage!


Gender: Female

Hair: Blond

Hair 2.0: long… and it has the bad habit of not listening to what I say. Wonder where it got that from… Probably from its owner…


Current favourites: Urban sketches and black-and-white lineart

Need to improve: Watercoloring (oh boy, this is gonna take a loooong time….)

Can’t hack: Caricatures


Countries visited: 41

Level: Countryhopping Greenhorn, trying to level up to Intermediate World Wanderer  😉 Hopefully you will join me on that journey.