Fairytale Interpretation #1: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

This is one of those questions that always (and still do) bugged me when I was a little kid: Is it really possible to climb up a tower using a bunch of hair? And I’m not the only one. Some members of the University of Leicester were bothered by the same question and decided to make a research on the strength of Rapunzel’s hair. First I had a good laught about the absurdity of the whole situation (a scientific (!!!) article about Rapunzel’s hair, what the heck???) but the short article answered the question pretty accurately.

Taking the amount of hair, the ultimate tensile strength of human hair,  the weight of the lad and some more factors into consideration, they found that Rapunzel’s hair could support a weight of approximately 2750kg. My my, she could host a whole party of princes dangling on her braid.


This is the link to the article: How Strong is Rapunzel’s Hair?

If your interrested in how to draw a braid, have a look at my blog posts:


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